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45. something you couldn’t live without

48. your favorite published book (SHAME ON ME! I’M DADDY’S GIRL WHO READS REALLY SELDOM BOOKS! .. and always liked comics more >__> But here is one of my favorite manga)

Ngh.. this is just so frigging good series. Everything is great<3

50. yourself (oh noes!)

Oh deer.. I took these before work at 7:30 AM.. I’m a dork and I know it~


Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey 

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The Snow Fields

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sol4rplexus sent:
What even is a godmother I dont have a relative like that



E-eeeh? :D Wow..

Well godmother/father/godparents comes from christian infant baptism.. And who is selected to be child’s godparent is usually aunt or uncle.. But also can be some other relative (or not-relative). And there can be more than just one godparent. (for me is my dad’s sister.. and also dad’s two cousins) 

Godparent is expected to to take an interest in the child’s upbringing and personal development, and to take care of the child.. if anything happen to the parents.

… I hope you understood something of that :D

Oh… sounds interesting. I mean it’s nice to choose a person to legitimately take care of the child should the parents not suffice, but what does that have to do with religion?

Umm.. I think that godparent should be some kind of.. spiritual director, which must as a rule, belong to the same denomination to be baptized with…
…. I really don’t know :’D I haven’t thought about that XD


A cat having an adventure

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